Josh Forwood
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Based in Bristol, I've worked across long running BBC productions, internationally acclaimed adventure shows, and award winning wildlife films.

I've worked in a wide range of environments, from filming in high security science labs in Leicester, through backing up 120TB of rushes as DIT on a remote island in Canada, to flying drones over wild jungles of Malaysia and Nepal.

In addition to field work, I've also edited segment films for the BBC's The One Show, run DIT for 4K Raw productions, edit assisted large scale productions such as Africa's Fishing Leopards and River Monsters (often with up to 4 edits running simultaneously), and edited a series of 360 VR films.

I also design and build/3D Print bespoke items for use in production including 360 video GoPro rigs, bespoke brackets, fittings and mounts, underwater filming rigs, and pretty much anything you could need to film in an unusual or different situation.