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Chasing Oceans Giants

February 4, 2021Category : Broadcast Natural History Natural History Science

Following a free-diver as he swims with manta rays in the Maldives and orca and humpback whales in arctic Norway

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American Vikings

September 23, 2020Category : Broadcast History Science

American Vikings follows two archaeologists as they investigate the little known Vikings who made it all the way to North America and try to uncover how far into the Americas they managed to get. This multi-national series follows the adventurous archaeologists across the USA, Canada, Greenland and Denmark in their venture to uncover the truth…

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River Monsters

September 23, 2020Category : Broadcast Entertainment Natural History

River Monsters follows Jeremy Wade as he explores freshwater mysteries and local folklore, to debunk myths, de-demonise wildlife, and track down these harrowing tales. I worked on River Monsters for 3 years across 4 seasons working as a camera assistant, drone operator, and DIT in locations such as Malaysia, Nepal and Canada. Animal Planet /..

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