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Experienced drone operator with own kit (DJI Inspire 2 X5s and DJI Mavic Pro), fully licensed (with licence certification both in the UK and USA), and fully insured.


Experienced in operating high end cameras (such as Sony F55, RED Dragons, C300’s and FS7’s) as 2nd camera and camera assistant, as well as experience filming additional camera and timelapses.


Experienced sound recordist working in extreme remote locations and cities alike, working in environments from kayaks to helicopters.

360 VR

Experienced in shooting and stitching (post production) 360 VR videos in both studio sets and in remote locations.


I’m a Bristol based documentary filmmaker with a particular passion for wildlife and the sciences. I’ve filmed, operated drones, recorded sound and shot 360 video around the world for some of the biggest names in factual filmmaking. In addition to the production side of things, I also design and build bespoke camera parts, mounts and props. I’ve worked in a wide variety of conditions and locations, from rafting down rivers in jungles, to filming zebra in South West England, from camping on glaciers in Greenland, to riding freight trains through the rocky mountains. I currently hold an American iVisa valid until May 2023.




May 2018 – Current

Drone Operator / Sound Recordist / 360 Camera / Additional Camera

Top US Broadcaster

12 weeks of shooting spread throughout the year, camping and filming in remote locations around the world including various areas of the Arctic, Antarctica, Europe, and the Americas. Operating drones, field mixing, operating 360 cameras and additional cameras.

Jan 2018 – April 2018

Windfall Films

The Valley of Kings [National Geographic / C4]

A 12 week shoot in various locations around Egypt, from Aswan and Cairo, to Luxor and the Eastern Desert as DIT, sound recordist and additional cameras.

May 2017 – December 2017

Edit Assistant / Drone Pilot / Sound Recordist
BBC Natural History Unit

The One Show [BBC1]

Edit assistant, drone operator and camera for NHU wildlife films for BBC’s the One Show.

June 2017 – July 2017

2nd Camera / Drone Pilot / Sound Recordist
BBC Natural History Unit

The One Show [BBC1]

Drone operator, second/long lens camera, field mixer and DIT on a 3 week expedition aboard a research vessel on the Atlantic Ocean filming marine mammals.

March 2017 – May 2017

Sound Recordist / DIT
Windfall Films

Rocky Mountain Railroad [Discovery Channel]

An 8.5 week shoot in various locations across Canada and the Rocky Mountains as sound recordist and DIT.

Additional work history

For additional work history and full contact details, please download my CV below.

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Seb Illis

Series Producer / BBC NHU One Show

You don’t often come across people with Josh’s skillset. His drone skills, camera knowledge and sound recording skills make him a huge asset to any team. On top of that, he has a keen interest in the editorial, is always smiling and can 3D print a festive Millenium Falcon for your office Christmas Tree…



(Remote Pilot Certificate)

Fully licensed and insured for drone piloting in the UK.

USA iVisa

Valid until 04.05.2023

FAA Part 107

License to operate drones in the USA

Fully licensed and insured to pilot drones in the USA commercially.

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