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Bee Portraits

May 25, 2022Category : Natural History Photography

During a short time at home at the beginning of 2021, I built a bee hotel for my back garden with the aim of filming a video to encourage others to build their own bee hotels and to explain what they can do to slow down the worrying decline in the bee population.

After being completed, the bee hotel was quickly and heavily populated and I took the opportunity to shoot a series of bee portraits to demonstrate not only their beauty, but the individual appearance of every bee.

Both the images and video received a lot of attention and for months, they were the feature of many articles online, which I hope helped raise awareness for the importance of bees.

An intimate portrait of a wild solitary bee, by Josh Forwood

The featured image here is a collage of the original portraits, you can see the full images as a slide show at the top of the page, and can see the new series I’m releasing in 2022, on my Instagram account.

To coincide with this project, I also produced a tutorial video on how to build and position a successful bee hotel:

Personal Stills Project

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