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Prehistoric Planet

May 25, 2022Category : Broadcast Entertainment History Natural History Science

This has by far been the most unusual job I’ve had so far. Whilst I’m used to travelling to remote and challenging parts of the world, tasked with filming strange and elusive wildlife, never before had I needed to film animals which had been extinct for 65 million years. The series, produced by BBC Studios..

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Yellowstone Supervolcano

May 25, 2022Category : Broadcast Science

The first international shoot I went on after the initial global covid lockdown took me to Iceland, where I was flying drone, camera assisting, and doing sound for a film on super volcanos. On the shoot, we ventured down deep inside the magmar chamber of an exctinct volcano, and from inside, I flew my Inspire..

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Perpetual Planet: Heroes of the Oceans

May 25, 2022Category : Broadcast Natural History Science

Perpetual Planet was an extraordinary journey, taking us down to both Antarctica and South Georgia as we filmed bioacustician, Professor Michel Andre in his study into man made noise pollution and it’s impacts. Flying drone, running second camera, and recording sound, as well as the PTC content with Michel, I was also filming the king..

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Chasing Oceans Giants

February 4, 2021Category : Broadcast Natural History Natural History Science

Following a free-diver as he swims with manta rays in the Maldives and orca and humpback whales in arctic Norway

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American Vikings

September 23, 2020Category : Broadcast History Science

American Vikings follows two archaeologists as they investigate the little known Vikings who made it all the way to North America and try to uncover how far into the Americas they managed to get. This multi-national series follows the adventurous archaeologists across the USA, Canada, Greenland and Denmark in their venture to uncover the truth…

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Lost Treasures of Egypt

September 23, 2020Category : Broadcast History Science

Delving into the working life of archaeologists working around Egypt, the Lost Treasures of Egypt uncovers new discoveries, follows multiple teams and provides a unique view into the world of Egyptology. We spent 3 solid months out in Egypt, from Cairo down through Luxor and Aswan, filming a whole host of archaeological activity. National Geographic..

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Polar Extremes

September 23, 2020Category : Broadcast History Science

In Polar Extremes we venture across the globe, from the arctic realms of Ellesmere Island and Greenland, through baking deserts and bustling cities, down to the blistering cold depths of Antarctica. On these travels we discover the history of earths poles, from mile thick ice sheets, to tropical poles teaming with life. We learn how..

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Viking Warrior Women

September 23, 2020Category : History Science

Travelling the picturesque lands of Sandinavia, we search for the truth behind a womens role in viking culture. An intriguing grave discovery may harbour some answers to this question… I operated second camera and drone on this one off special in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. National Geographic ~ 1 x 45

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